Mate DE: how to delete unwanted Themes and Window Borders

Hi Guys,
I would like to delete unused window frames that appear under appearance like: WinMe, Spidey, Raleigh, Motif, Gorilla, Esco, eOS, DustBlue and Dopple the button "- Delete" does not work, as they are probably part of the installed packages. Does anyone have an idea which packages should be removed to get them away?

greetings, A.

pacman -Qo a-theme-file

then remove the package - be careful though - the next is just a thought - not tested - not at all

sudo pacman -R - <$(pacman -Qo some-file)

If want to - you can wreck your system completely - just search for pacman -Rnsc

Take note that a package may include multiple themes, including one you'd want to keep. In this, you'd want to keep those extra themes just to keep the one you want.

Hey Aarhus, thx for your answer!
That was actually what I tried first, so I could delete many of themes but some of them are still left and doesn´ t seem to have its own Package. So I think there should be some Manjaro or Mate system Package with many window border Themes inside.

No matter how hard you try - you will not be able to remove all excess files.

And while it can be distracting - in a non obtrusive manner - some themes are necessary for the system to work.

An example is some gnome theme files - they are mandatory for some packages to work - even if you don't use the theme - it is pulled as a dependency and removing it will remove the dependencies as well.

This is a fact you have to live with.

That said - you could try to remove files you know are not in use

sudo rm -rf /path/to/some/theme/files

but you may notice the files will sneak back with the next update :slight_smile: - inevitable

Hey Mayce, that is definitely true, but there is only one theme I want to keep and I have all the files for that theme inside my .themes and .icons folders.

Hey Aarhus, deleting istalled files on a system by rm is sadly not an option. So I ´m trying to find out in which packages my themes may be, so I can remove them with pacman or edit the package and recompile it.

Time spent learning is never wasted.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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