[MATE] Improve Alt+Tab Focus

Until at least Manjaro MATE 20.03 the Alt+Tab (windows selection) utility is quite un-intuitive, as it is badly indicated which window is the user choosing.
This happens with the default theme: Matcha-dark-sea

The color in the switch-tab is a bluish dark gray, and the selected window's color, a grayish dark blue.

Actual view, low-contrast colors.

This would be improved changing the color of the selected window to a lighter one and/or showing a thumbnail/previsualization of the window selected (before releasing Alt+Tab and going to that window)

Proposal for a higher-contrast colors.

You did not mentioned what theme are you using.

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Sorry, I use the default theme: Matcha-dark-sea

I didn't change anything on the appearence. I'll add that info to the post, thanks!

We can ping @vinceliuice in that case, or maybe you want to fill up an issue on the github page :slight_smile:

Thanks @bogdancovaciu!! I did create an issue:

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