mate panels going blank on reboot or changing layout

I have checked .config directory, I have googled and searched the forum. I have found nothing on this subject.

I reboot the panels are blank nothing on them. I change the layout using the mate-tweak tool and blank. Lost for words here. Please help :slight_smile:

User home permission issues ?

I haven’t used chmod except on a folder in .var directory for flatpak version of Spotify. I’m very light on use of chown and chmod.

I have both GNOME and Mate installed, GNOME is my main DE I use, could the two be causing trouble together? I have only had Mate for a short time, one thing for sure the changing of the layout including my own saved layout each do the same thing. Both panels are on top and dont do anything else different. They are blank nothing added to them and on top, you change from one to the other and essentially do not change at all.

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