Materia Breath (Kvantum, GTK)

Hi, this is a mod of original work by PapirusDevelopmentTeam - MateriaLight for Kvantum, but with Manjaro-like color accent. I made it just for fun and personal use. Feel free to modify it as you like.



If you like fun, more fun, make dark theme :wink: :slight_smile:



In order to create corresponding GTK theme clone materia-theme repo, cd there and run with the following options (fish):

For light theme:
./ -o Materia-light-breath (echo -e "BG=EEEEEE\nFG=212121\nTXT_BG=FFFFFF\nTXT_FG=212121\nBTN_BG=E6E6E6\nBTN_FG=616161\nMENU_BG=E1E1E1\nMENU_FG=212121\nMATERIA_VIEW=FFFFFF\nMATERIA_SURFACE=E0E0E0\nHDR_BG=E0E0E0\nHDR_FG=212121\nSEL_BG=1ABC9C\nSEL_FG=FFFFFF\nACCENT_BG=1ABC9C\nMATERIA_STYLE_COMPACT=True\n" | psub)

Smth like this should be used if dark theme is preferred:
./ -o Materia-dark-breath (echo -e "BG=303030\nFG=F9F8F7\nTXT_BG=282828\nTXT_FG=FAFAFA\nBTN_BG=424242\nBTN_FG=5E5E5E\nMENU_BG=383838\nMENU_FG=F9F8F7\nSEL_BG=1ABC9C\nSEL_FG=FFFFFF\nACCENT_BG=1ABC9C\nMATERIA_STYLE_COMPACT=True\n" | psub)

For Materia-Breath (dark header only):

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100% AGREE!!!

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I'm afraid, I forgot the magic word. Sorry.

Please :slight_smile:

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With the word pretty and a shiny new cherry on top

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Don't worry, maybe I will make it when I have more time. It's just not that important to me (cuz I hate dark themes for being overwhelming - for some reason I always get lost in such environment). As I said, I only intended to make something for my personal use. It's not that difficult to convert the original to Breath or Maia - just hunt down all blue colors in SVG file and substitute them with needed ones.

EDIT: so any thoughts guys? How do you like the theme, maybe some issues? What I've found myself is hints over systemd units in Systemsettings are too pale to read their text.


Still no time to tinker with a dark theme variant, but light one received a very good overhaul (IMHO). Now I like it even more than before, and it better reflects original Breath color pick.


Hey guys you asked for a dark theme, go get it! 3 more options are available.


woop woop dark theme is sick!! Thanks for doing it despite your personal distaste against dark themes. Really appreciate it.

Enjoy. But actually my input isn't that big. Most work is done upstream. I just a child with a teal pencil :smile:

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Upstream GTK theme got a fix for window borders, I've already backported it to Materia-Breath themes, feel free to update:


Goodies in da house guys and gals!

Check out the latest version.
I've made GTK themes applicable to Gnome shell, it looks nice with dark theme especially.
The link is the same.


Guys I've made another variant of Materia theme with Yaru colors and accents.
Maybe you'll like them.


Kvantum (for QT apps):

Breath variant got updated.


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Wow, I just found a colour sensitive icon theme - works well with this theme, and follows as you change colours...
gree violet Darker

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Switched to Materia titlebar - not bad

Well I'm glad you like it. I wish I could say I like Breeze icons, too. I am yet to find something as good as Papirus icon theme, fitting my taste. For Gnome it's easy - Luna, Pop or Marwaita, they all look gorgeous, but for KDE -- Papirus is one love!
To understand how puzzled I am when trying to use some other icon theme you just need to look at how ugly everything else except Papirus looks on Latte Dock. Imho.

Sure, but they won't follow any colour scheme - if I edit my colours, I'd need to match the icons - not have icons match my theme...

I'm curious - how does it work? and could it be done with other icon themes - I do like Papirus

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