MBR destroyed

I have done something really stupid. I tried to install and dual boot Puppy LInux (frugal install) with Manjaro Cinnamon. I used the GRUB legacy option. Now nothing will boot. The Manjaro partitions are intact but the MRB is deleted. Using Puppy I cannot mount the Manjaro partitions. They are not detected. I have lost months of work. From now on I'm doing my backups on a separate, external HD.

Anyone have any quick fixes for the MBR so I can retrieve my files?

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abe and google-earth are both in the aur.

Regarding your new issue I would try booting off a live ISO and see if you can use manjaro-chroot to access your environment.

There is a tutorial around here on that. Let me see if I can find it.



Case of 'other grub took over - wont boot manjaro' ?
(manjaro grub has special sauce for manjaro ... will boot others .. others wont boot manjaro. Usually just need to get back into manjaro environment and sudo update-grub)


Use Simple First Start section here. Remember to start up liveusb in bios-legacy mode.

ps: Any idea why Puppy won't mount Manjaro partition?

Puppy itself wouldnt have a provlem as a boot stick finding manjaro I dont think ..
But I presume OP has one of the (UBUversionHere)-Puppy .isos that they used to install. And thus it would be old ubuntu grub scenario mas o menos.

If you are using BTRFS and Puppy is using an older version of the kernel, it might refuse to access the partitions because it doesn't understand some new feature that was added to the file system (zstd compression for instance as added in 4.14). Granted I would expect some error message to be displayed like "unsupported version or feature".

Booting up on a manjaro live CD should allow you to access those partitions, if nothing bad happen to them.

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