Media Controls are broken (KDE)

I am encountering a strange issue with the media controls of KDE. Whenever I push the Play/Pause/Skip (:play_pause: :track_previous: :track_next:) buttons, the system seems to respond by performing the action that I just did twice. What can I do to fix this?

Are these physical buttons on the computer or a gui button in one of the KDE apps?
(My physical buttons work perfectly on my dell laptop).

These are the phisical buttons. I can still play/pause the media via the GUI plasmoid.

Ok. And the type of computer? (Brand name and model) helps.
I'm wondering if these keys are controlled by the bios, but you also have software installed to trigger the same actions.

HP Envy. I don't know the exact model number, and as for your bios theory, I will try booting into my windows partition to see if they work there.

Also, this is on spotify, and if it helps, I recently got a package off of AUR called "ksuperkey", here is a description from ask ubuntu:

ksuperkey allows you to open the application launcher in KDE Plasma < 5.8 using the Super key (also known as the "Windows key"). If you hold down the Super key it will still act as a modifier key, allowing you to use it for other keyboard shortcuts.

And if I turn off the media keys in the KDE settings manager, they don't do anything.

There is another treat that deals with the same thing, but not all have this issue ...
Maybe this two posts can be merged?

If installed, you could try to remove the xf86-input-joystick package and check again if it works better.

stupid me ,I remember this package has been merged in another one, sorry

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