Memory Mismatch in KSysGuard

I wanted to see why my computer was using 2.5 GiB, so I opened up KSysGuard to check, and the results confused me. The values I saw were just too insignificant to add up to more than a 1GiB or so. Where's all my RAM going? Where can I check?

Your RAM is probably mostly being consumed by cache and buffers. Don't worry about it ─ the kernel will free more of that RAM when needed. :wink:

If you want a more intuitive readout, then open up a terminal and enter the following command...:


Help! Linux Ate My RAM!


Thank you for this link. When I took a look at free, all I got was even more confusing results. This clears it up

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If you check various cli programs and various GUI system managers: they all will show very different values because they calculate it differently.

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Just a minor edit if you please: free -h, as well as df-h, are better readable and understandable for us, hoomans :smile:

I like ps_mem personally.

Lol I've got a feeling that I've seen this somewhere a long time ago. I feel old now thank you :grin:

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Well, in my Manjaro 18.0.4 installation, free was by default ─ i.e. out-of-the-box ─ aliased to free -m, and df to df -h, so I presume that this would also be the case on the OP's machine. :slight_smile:

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which I still quietly loathe...
I thought we had lobbied to have that alias removed from the defaults..

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