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I am brand new to Linux, and so far am living it! I downloaded and installed the Manjaro Deepen DE after much deliberation. I really enjoy it, but miss having a top menu bar. I know you can move the doc from the bottom to the top, but I want to keep the doc on the bottom/left and have a separate menu bar going across the top with the time, internet, battery, etc. Please let me know if this is possible in the Deepin DE, and if so how.

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Deepin gives you the option of more than one layout, but aside from that is probably the most locked-down DE you could choose. All other DE's you would simply add another panel... Maybe someone else can weigh-in on having something like xfce4-panel added (if you dont mind the extra weight), but I dont know about it.

There's topbar in AUR, but it's not official, pretty or really useful for my taste...


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I was just looking into the xfce DE. Thinking about switching, but don't want to start out distro hopping! I'll stick it out with the deepin DE for now, and who knows, maybe there's is a way to add it. Thanks for the reply and your time!

Hey, thanks man! I'll give it a try and hope it installs. For anyone else wondering, here's the link

In case you dont realize, if it is in aur you can install easily from there (no need for manual)

pacaur -S deepin-topbar

also be aware that recent reported bug

System Tray shortcuts do not work if Topbar is enabled.

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You can use Latte-Dock + KDE for a really configurable and polished experience. That's just another option.

@cscs @u1tron: Any idea why the install of deepin-topbar throws this error?
Using a mostly clean install of Manjaro-deepin 17.0.4, inside of a VM.


See if there is a package called xcb-ewmh and install it if it exists.

You can always install xfce4 and the panel plugins via pamac, so you could test it without downloading another iso but it would not be the same as to install xfce via the Manjaro ISO's.

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