Menu Bar missing from already installed apps

i am entirely new to Manjaro and Linux. It was all going great until yesterday when i dont know how menu bar from all already installed apps such as Octopi etc just disappeared. and it has become difficult to use octopi. kindly direct me what to do. I am new to Linux.
i have already done stuff like pressing f11 and ctrl+M

You have not mentioned your DE.

If you are on KDE/Plasma, try pressing ALT+F3. That should give you an option to select/deselect "Without borders".

just did that and it just removes the title bar and brings it back. The menus such as File, edit etc don't come back.

I made another account and logged into it. Menu bar is present there. Means i have flipped some setting in this account. Please help in locating it. And yes i am on KDE plasma

Take a look in System Settings -> Application Style -> Window Decorations -> Buttons Tab.

Check the title bar for a global menu widget, which would move your menus to this.


If so it would probably be in the red box and you can remove it.

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thank you good person. what i was missing wasn't the global menu but the application Menus right besides it. i have added Application menu to the title bar now and can access application menus from there. but its still not showing like it used to show in octopi with File, View menus like shown in the pictureManjaroOctopi-600x469

Mine shows up like this. with File, view wtc menus not visible but i can access them from the applications menu button which i added by ur method (where the pointer is)

My method was to remove the application menu widget from the title bar, and Plasma will then display the menus normally, assuming you don't have an application menu widget somewhere else (like a panel).


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SOLVED.. I had one application menu widget on a panel and that was what was causing it. Thanks you dude. thanks a lot. menus are back now....

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The application menu widget is problematic. If I activate it, then Double Commander, for instance, loses it entirely when a child window (e.g. About) is opened, because the widget is removed from the main window and displayed on the child window, and then when the child window is closed the widget won't appear back on the main window.
Anyway, I don't understand why the application menu, which for me is the main way of controling an app, is an inconvenience that has to be removed.

Global menu is a Mac interface concept cloned by Linux DEs, placing application menu of active app window in a top panel is a layout preferred by many.

Don't like it myself, but those who do tend to love it.

The application menu widget will support gtk apps in Plasma 5.13, which is due for release around June-ish.

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