Merge Manjaro settings with Gnome settings

Merging the manjaro settings into the gnome settings app would make a more coherent desktop experience.

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First, I would like to provide everyone a friendly reminder that unlike some other parts of the forum, conversation in topics in the #manjaro-development forum should be limited to discussing the feature request itself.

As for the discussion at hand, I would just point out that the Manjaro settings application is written in qt and reimplementing it all into gnome settings would probably be a decent amount of work.

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Dear Dalto

Thanks for the input. I am not a developer therefore it is impossible for me to assess the amount of work that needs to go into porting the code to GTK.

I just wanted to suggest the merge as other very user friendly distros are celebrated because of their coherence and consistency.

But again if the effort is too large I can see that the man power could be invested in implementing new functionality

To be clear, my comment has no impact on whether or not your request will get implemented. I just wanted you to have a heads up that the effort might be more than you think.

I think it is a good suggestion.

The way these requests work is that the developers read these requests and if one of them thinks it is an interesting project and has the time, skill and desire to implement it, then it may become a future feature.

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