Mesa-aco removal broke Manjaro

Long story short I removed mesa-aco with pamac thinking it was causing a game I want to play to have issues. I ignored the warning signs and went ahead and did it. My desktop immediately showed bad signs: the icons on the task manager vanished and pamac was no longer installed along with a number of other programs including mhwd, and wouldn't boot back into gui after a reboot. Can anyone tell me how I can reverse this? Or at least Chroot it back to running?
I can boot, it doesn't boot into gui though, just tty1 etc.

I booted a LiveUSB to replicate the warnings:

avahi optionally requires gtk3: avahi-discover, avahi-discover-standalone, bshell, bssh, bvnc
avahi optionally requires qt5-base: qt5 bindings
ghostscript optionally requires gtk3: needed for gsx
gssdp optionally requires gtk3: gssdp-device-sniffer
hplip optionally requires python-pyqt5: for running GUI and hp-toolbox
inxi optionally requires mesa-demos: inxi -G glx info
jasper optionally requires freeglut: jiv support
jasper optionally requires glu: jiv support
libde265 optionally requires ffmpeg: for sherlock265
libde265 optionally requires qt5-base: for sherlock265
libinput optionally requires gtk3: libinput debug-gui
libproxy optionally requires webkit2gtk: PAC proxy support (Webkit2gtk engine)
libtiff optionally requires freeglut: for using tiffgt
libwebp optionally requires freeglut: vwebp viewer
mhwd-chroot optionally requires kdesu: kde gui for su
ocl-icd optionally requires opencl-driver: packaged opencl driver
openal optionally requires qt5-base: alsoft-config GUI Configurator
openssh optionally requires x11-ssh-askpass: input passphrase in X
pacman-mirrors optionally requires gtk3: for interactive mode (GUI)
pinentry optionally requires qt5-base: qt backend
pinentry optionally requires gcr: gnome3 backend
python-pillow optionally requires python-pyqt5: for the ImageQt module
stoken optionally requires gtk3: required for stoken-gui
subversion optionally requires kwallet: for KWallet for auth credentials
v4l-utils optionally requires qt5-base
vulkan-icd-loader optionally requires vulkan-driver: packaged vulkan driver
xdg-utils optionally requires kde-cli-tools: for KDE Plasma5 support in xdg-open
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: libglvnd will be removed after its mesa-aco-git dependency
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: phonon-qt5-gstreamer will be removed after its phonon-qt5 dependency

My rig:

Distro:Manjaro KDE



GPU Driver:4.5 Mesa 20.0.0-devel (git-3409c06e26)

GPU:Radeon RX 590

CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core

Your output doesnt show what you actually removed.
/var/log/pacman.log would.
(..or you could probably just reinstall mesa-aco and it will grab its dependencies)

When you remove a package using Pamac - Pamac can be configured to remove dependencies too.

Like Marty McFly said - "Watch out for changes .."

I think you need to install the mesa package instead.

I posted that dependency list to hopefully have a sign of what it would delete that would break my gui. The problem is I did install Mesa, and it still wouldn't work. I don't understand how it broke something that ended up deleting pamac itself along with a bunch of other programs. I'll try and get Mesa installed again.

Yeah, I just tried it again on the live environment. It completely Borks the system right when pamac finishes removing Mesa-aco. It doesn't even know how to launch the terminal afterwards No such file or directory

On my original I reinstalled Mesa and tried using startx:
$startx /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc: line 2: /usr/bin/X: No such file or directory xinit: giving up xinit: unable to connect to X server: connection refused xinit: server error

I'm in that dark here as to what to do. I don't know how to look for things to fix with Chroot any suggestions?

If you can get to tty (or runlevel 3 .. or chroot from a usb) .. then you can get the information from
cat /var/log/pacman.log
You can also post it using something like this:

cat /var/log/pacman.log | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

Hey guys,
I saw this thread a few weeks ago and even knowing about the issue managed to do the same thing yesterday.

What happened was I had the default mesa, lib32-mesa which ships with manjaro installed and I tried to swap that for the ACO mesa in the AUR

pamac install mesa-aco-git lib32-mesa-aco-git

you will be prompted that mesa and lib32-mesa will be removed which is ok but then without asking (!) it will remove EVERYTHING that depends on mesa (xfce4, thunar, network manager, faudio, qt5, pamac components, just to name a few

I tried to recover from this by reinstalling key OS packages I saw removed in the log but couldn't get to the GUI login screen only CLI. in the end I just backed up my home folder and a few other things then did a fresh install.

given that pacman can't access the AUR I think the safest way to switch mesa drivers is using yay as it's smart enough to know you're replacing one mesa with another and not to nuke everything.

Is there a way to stop idiots like me from doing this again? maybe the mesa package needs a flag when being uninstalled to stop it removing everything that depends on it?

I assume you mean pamac build .. there

But that seems like an odd thing for pamac to do.
I have for years now decried the fact that pamac uses the equivalent of --cascade for removals .. but if it also somehow does so during replacements then that is doubly bad.


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