Messed up MBR and Dual Boot

wdym the f something way?

. . . . .

ill try but im pretty sure i messed that up

I can't breathe.

yeah i messed it up, I get no sidh device: blah blah blah unknown filesystem rescue mode, that's why I'm here lol, i don't know what I'm doing

No such device*

You got 3 disks to shoose. Choose the right one. Without UEFI prefix.
I'd recommend though even if you can boot windows this way to reinstall manjaro in msdos/bios-legacy.
For that you will need to fix the drive to msdos first before installing.
Use gparted (from an external or in livecd if available) to do the drive first.
gparted --> device tab --> create partition table --> msdos ===> then make partition.
At installation, use manual , select partition manually.
Do not use erase disk (or use whole drive - dunno, but to be safe, don't)
Otherwise you will have completed installation but not able to boot manjaro unless you set a boot flag to it.

so in the live cd in non uefi, i use gparted to create an msdos partition in my windows drive correct? After that install manjaro on the drive I actually want manjaro on, use manual partition and use some of the drive, yes?

Currently, your manjaro is in sda the gpt drive.
I was talking about this drive.

All your other drives, including windows are already in msdos and in bios-legacy.
You can use these msdos drives for manjaro, without making it msdos (ther are already in msdos).
But I was not thinking along these lines as I think you want to use the gpt (sda - the manjaro drive) for it.

But the decision is for you to make.

At this point I just want my windows to work again, since they are already is msdos, but grub doesn't see my win X install how should I proceed?

Remove the manjaro drive,

and just boot? Grub won't see the win X install and it will go into recovery mode

If you set bios to use bios-legacy and not uefi, it will boot windows.
You may have to connect the primary sata drive cable to the correct windows drive.
Hope you know which one it is as you earlier cannot choose the right drive .
That's the trouble with so many drives. If you don't know which drive is the windows drive, nobody else can.

i know which one it is, I have 3, one is a 1/4 Tb ssd that has windows on it, in Manjaro its sdc, the other 2 are a total of 3tb HDDs and only have data but no OS on them

and then I added another 1/4tb HDD for manjaro

Careful when you say sdc is the manjaro drive. Your parted -l says it is sda. Best you identify the drive as samsung drive, what's the other one ? western digital, and so on. sda sdb sdc are never constant. they can change with every boot. Hope you can identify too the primary sata cable or port.
that's the trouble with so many drives, it drives users to confusion. it is less an issue with gpt as /boot/efi will be used regardless of which is primary drive, but don't worry about this. You have to worry where is the primary drive for the mbr to work on.

Every time I reboot it, sda is the 1/4 TB WD HDD, sdc is the 1/4 TB Samsung SSD, and the other two I havent been checking since I wasng using them in any way for manjaro


  1. remove WD drive
  2. connect primary cable (sata0) to samsung.
  3. set bios to use only bios-legacy.

will have to logoff soon, catch you in about 8 hours time.

Thank you, I read earlier that CSM might be important, should that be on or off, I just read that on is legacy which if true ive been booting into legacy this whole time

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