Meta: How to search within a forum thread - Ctrl-F functionality changed

When I hit Ctrl-F, I expect my browser (chrome) search box to appear, but instead what happens is the equivalent of selecting the magnifying glass in right of the top bar.

How can I search within the current browser window?

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This has been an ongoing complaint over on for a long time. I don't think they're going to fix it because:

Same reason Google Docs captures Ctrl+F as well.

@phaedrus_one if you try to use in-page search on a Discourse topic with more than a trivial number of posts, you'll find that most of the posts are not loaded in the browser. So on-page search isn't going to do squat for you.

So I believe, very strongly, that this is a correct behavior.

I usually use Menu-Edit-Find, or just use the builtin search. But, I always click the "Options" button and search from the advanced page. The regular search fails much of the time.

I use Chrome as well and when I hit CTRL-F I get the normal search-field top-right. I can simply type in (or copy-paste) some words I am looking for and when present they will be found.

Does that still work in posts with lots of replies?

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No. Somehow there is a difference between posts with just a few replies and ones with many.
So, also for me it is not working as I expected.


I don't know if it works the same in Chrome, but it works great in FF.

I tried Ctrl-F on a long thread and the forum search did pop up, but it has an option to search the topic you're looking at (that's the default, I think):

Isn't that what you want?

I came here to post a complaint about hijacking both +f and / and found this topic.

If they're not going to fix this (at least provide a user setting to disable it) the obvious solution would be to drop this broken software altogether and move to another one.
"If a necessary feature has a high astonishment factor, it may be necessary to redesign the feature." a.k.a the principle of least astonishment or POLA.

If the root cause is that most of the posts are not loaded in the browser then fix that behaviour instead and then you don't have to break a basic principle of user interface design to try to fix something broken by design. Something as trivial as a button to trigger loading all those posts and a user setting to disable this 'feature'.


Don't think you will get anywhere with your demands. It works this way on purpose so that load on the servers is reduced. It makes no sense at all to spew out 300 posts when most people are only interested in the newest 4 or 8.

Just click that magnifying glass and click the Search This Topic button. That way Manjaro and the rest of us users don't have to suffer slow servers and massive page loads just so you can have it your way.

I kind of agree with Vinnie..
Discourse should not steal the browser search in page shortcut. That their search button search in the thread like as it do is normal.
But to steal the search shortcut of the browser not really.
It's kind of like as if phpbb forum would steal the shortcut to call the search in topic function. Or that plasma would steal the search shortcut of Kate to launch krunner.

Both (the search button of discourse and the browser search in page) are 2 distinct function


+1 to disable this.


Now i want so search for "Windows XP" in the whole thread, but if i hit CTRL+f the search option of the website opens up.


  • "XP" search term is to short
    --> the site should not hijack the function of the browser so i can search like a document

Hello. I understand this is an old topic but please, stop stealing / from the browser.... or direct me to a more recent thread (this was the 1st search result)? Also, have an awesome Friday, cheers!

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