Mhwd-chroot may need improvement or removal from repos

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Motivated from the linked issue, I looked into recent posts with mhwd-chroot
It seems to me that mhwd-chroot either needs some improvement, or to be removed from the repos, depending on devs assessment.

manjaro-chroot (in manjaro-tools-base) maybe capable enough or better than mhwd-chroot, to use it and advise its use instead.

If it is better, it might become (if needed) an independent package, or just utilize manjaro-tools-base as installed by default (if not already).

I don't know much about the subject, so whoever does, may discuss and suggest the best thing to do.
Thanks anyway @FadeMind @philm


What is the issue you are seeing?

According to the linked post the user used mhwd-chroot to lookup his root partition and then mounted it manually and used a normal chroot.

  1. Boot with live media.
  2. Install mhwd-chroot
  3. Start mhwd-chroot
  4. identify the Manjaro partition’s system
  5. Mount it
  6. Changing to mounted partition (chroot /mnt)

Am I reading the wrong post or misunderstanding?

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