mhwd-chroot package - is it maintained or obsolete?

From a very recent thread there was a reference to a - to me - unknown tool.

I got curious and searched for it - nothing of the kind in AUR - but a ddg search found this topic from 2018 in #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section

I proceeded to search for mhwd-chroot-extended but couldn't find that either.

We still have a package in community called mhwd-chroot 20180408-1 which provides an extensive root mount

Snipped from the mhwd-chroot-shell script

# mount proc, sys, dev and chroot
mount -B /proc    $mountpoint/proc
mount -B /dev     $mountpoint/dev
mount -B /sys     $mountpoint/sys
mount -B /dev/pts $mountpoint/dev/pts
mount -B /tmp     $mountpoint/tmp
# mount /run if it exists
[ -d $mountpoint/run ] && mount -B /run $mountpoint/run
cp /etc/resolv.conf $mountpoint/etc/resolv.conf

Curiosity killed the cat so - what is the purpose of such extensive mount?

The script is hosted at @FadeMind git repo and the packager is @Ste74

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Honestly i have rebuild this package because before we have manjaro-chroot an non active ( right now ) manjaro developer writing mhwd-chroot. The developer was Esclapion and seem another user and after Tomasz correct and add the nvme support at the script. If this script not work fine we can drop it or move to AUR ( but without an active developer i don't think is a great idea ). Let me know if ok for dropping..


Don't upload Manjaro specific pkgbuild to the AUR

Is also unmaintained so drop completely

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