[MHWD] Nvidia 450 and refactor

I worked on removing the horrible code duplication by generating the NVIDIA configs at build time. It's still not ideal, but a lot better than before. Also added driver 450 to mhwd, although those still need to be added in the repos.

Of course there could be mistakes I missed or bad code, so please review carefully. Details about the changes can be found in the pull requests and/or commit comments.

Paging @philm, here's your promised refactor and NVIDIA 450 support :slight_smile:



This isn't my first rodeo, gitlab.

If I remember correctly, 450 series doesn't drop support for any cards compared to 440 one, so maybe it's better to replace 440xx with 450xx entirely?

I think I noted the 450 driver is also labeled


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Then the generate file should not have the 450 in VERSIONLIST too ?

Many thanks. Fixed.

Yea that's probably a good idea. Depends on what @philm wants to do.

Also, what do you all think about doing MHWD configuration via metapackages instead of thru MHWD? In my opinion this would be a better solution, since pacman can handle conflicts, dependency installation and replacements for us directly instead of having to reimplement it in mhwd.

We will look into it. Thx. We can still decide if we want to drop 440 or not ...


I consider it as somewhat inconsistent to include CUDA 11.0 into the repository, but not the 450 driver that is required for using it. I had to downgrade to CUDA 10.2.

For this reason, I would appreciate it if the integration of version 450 could be done as soon as possible.

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