[mhwd] Replace default config (vesa), add QEMU/KVM (spice) support

Basically, I don't know of any instance where this should be autoinstalled. If you know of something please let me know. With these patches applied, the Xorg modesetting driver will be used instead of vesa on systems without a GPU covered by existing MHWD configs, which provides a way better out-of-the-box experience. Users can still choose to manually install video-vesa to force Xorg to use vesa, although its hidden from the GUI (see below). Xorg may still choose to use the vesa driver if it has no other choice.

The reason for this is that Manjaro no longer has to maintain a list of devices/vendors that should use the modesetting driver instead of the vesa driver.

also I may or may not have wrongly assumed video-vesa never gets autoinstalled and therefore deleted said list sorry @philm, but yea this fixes it :sweat_smile:

Additionally, I stopped mhwd from ever automatically installing configs with a priority of 0 (this isn't technically needed, but still nice to have). In MSM, I hid the video-vesa config under a new checkbox "Show dangerous configs" as requested in this post.


Let me know what you think, is this a good idea?

Patches: https://gitlab.com/TotallyNotElite/mhwd-db-testing


Pushed 2 new patches to make gtkmm3 an "OPTREM" dependency. (optional remove dependency).

pacman -Rsu wasn't ideal because:

  1. @philm changed the wrong line. Maybe the git patch didn't know what to do because that exact "block" exists multiple times in the script.
  2. Mhwd will successfully uninstall mhwd configs that have dependencies which other packages depend on, causing a partial uninstall.

Now, mhwd will successfully uninstall configs if "OPTREM" dependencies are depended on, while still erroring on other dependencies (so partial uninstalls won't happen).

Patches: https://gitlab.com/TotallyNotElite/mhwd-db-testing

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Added a new commit to the mhwd-db patch.

Added virtual machine support for anything that uses spice (most likely gnome boxes, virt manager) with qemu/kvm. Screen resizing doesn't work on XFCE because of this issue, but copy paste and drag drop works.

Packages-Mhwd also needs spice-vdagent now.

(Fun fact: video-vesa was auto installed when I tried to install Manjaro in Gnome Boxes and therefore crashed about 30 seconds after boot. I only figured out video-vesa was installed 2 days later when I checked the Xorg logs...)

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