Microsoft is bringing three more major Linux distro in Windows app store!

In the past we saw that Microsoft had added cli of Ubuntu, as an experiment if they could attract some independent developers in the ecosystem. Seems like they have had some succeess. Now they are making it more easy as windows app. Along with Ubuntu, Fedora and opensuse will be there too. They are trying everything to prevent the recent success and growing people's interest in Linux desktop. But Linux people are smart people, they will learn it soon enough.

Wait what do they mean? Kinda like a VM or, just Linux apps and stuff?

Of sorts. It was kind of like an emulated Ubuntu Terminal accessed from windows. Nowhere near WINE or Any sort of full desktop environment. More like you could use bash and | grep | piping.

Don't you think you're a little late for April Fools' jokes?


Nah. It was just command. With a bit of hackery gui can be enabled. But it's like please try our os

Just Google it. Like Ubuntu it may be just bash shell but either way Microsoft is badly in need of open source developers attention. As paid one's are developing either in iOS or Android.

I took you for serious. I just could not resist to emphasize the absurdity of the fact that Microsoft is offering Linux Distributions over the Windows App Store to facilitate dual boot. As Linux user that followed the entire SCO saga life, this newsbit is just ... absurd (in an almost positive way :wink: )

I believe that in the not so far future, they will make Windows open source. Maybe not GPL, but maybe MIT or one of the licenses of the BSDs. They will realize that the money they can make if people just stay on board and run Office365 is more than they can make with Windows licences ... making it open source will improve their security record for sure. Of course they will keep some of it closed source (like the CIA/FBI/NSA proxies) ...

Maybe not. Microsoft tried to kill Linux many times. But other than desktop Linux eventually won. As Ms is trying to take the lead in cloud computing, now they love Linux and suddenly they are life time Linux foundation member. Because they are making billions using the tools that open source community has built over so many years.

The only reason Microsoft is not likely to adopt open source is that they are trying to build a system where ads are the cash cow, not the one time payment.

That's why I kind of love Apple's business model. They are going to charge 1500 bucks for a 700 dollar laptop but the long term support, committment to encryption is great.

Ms just wants the open source community to make it's app store at least make some buzz. That's all.

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Right, MS being Linux Foundation Member was another April Fools' moment of recent times.

MS already makes money on ads and grabbing/selling user data. And you can do this with open source quite well, look at Google ... No I think MS is moving because if they don't they will be irrelevant very soon;

  • mobile phones market: lost,
  • embedded devices/routers etc.: inexistent
  • super computing: nil
  • server market: quite bad,
  • cloud computing: under heaviest competition
  • desktop market: shining, with speckles (Chromebooks making them loose the next generation users)

Apples business model is selling the people a phone for 900 bucks worth 220 bucks and not paying taxes on the revenue. They can support their hardware all the way they want, the mere fact that a Pro-Book has the SSD and RAM soldered on the mainboard makes it a no-go for me. Recently they managed it that you cannot use their actual iPhone with their actual Laptop without using an adapter. Constructed incompatibilities and inbuilt obsolescence in one overpriced unit, that's kind of an art that Apple masters best. Yes people buy that stuff, because it just works (except when it doesn't).


Also... Microsoft is releasing Windows 10S, which only works off of the Windows Store. You can't install anything outside the store. And they are offering this on a $1000 Surface Laptop with horrid specs for the price:

  • 128 GB SSD
  • 4 GB RAM
  • i5 (unknown, probably 7200U)
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Honestly, if I were their CEO I'd just drop everything but the computer peripheral segment. My MS keyboard and mouse are comfortable to use, very durable(at least 8 years and still going) and well-built. That's not something you can say of many other MS products :grin:


I doubt MS would be too keen to make their code open, (at least some of it anyways) as I've always thought that they would have plenty of stolen code hiding under their security blanket.

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Devs seems to be loving WSL. So this makes sense, to add more WSL options

Windows 10S is their desperate attempt to tackle the Chromebook. It will fly like Windows RT did (=not).

I know but... How does it tackle a chromebook when they are offering it on a $1000 Surface Laptop...? If they had a flagship chromebook-like laptop for $250 or $300 with Windows 10S, then I'll understand the competition.

On a $1000 laptop, I expect a full OS. Now... From what I read, it'll be free to upgrade the first year, but then it'll cost $50 later on.

The Surface Laptop, IMHO was just a carrier to present 10S, and of course you can have it with 10. That is marketing: present a very nice device and let the glow of it shine on cripple-Windows 10S. Then add that 10S laptops will be available for just 200$. Psychologically, the first impression is the strongest and carries over to the next impressions. Even if thinking kicks in later, the link has been made and pertains. That is "good" marketing.

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Meh... I guess it's "good" marketing since the majority of consumers don't know enough about computers. Also, people will probably fall for the marketing where Microsoft is saying that 10S is a lot more secure (only because you're locked into store apps).

To me, I'd LOVE to see a Windows 10S on a sleek thin chromebook-like priced laptop. And present to the consumers what they could do vs a Chromebook. Not that I'd use one...

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Built in ssd and ram let's more battery space in a laptop. It is repairing nightmare though. But in 2018 ssd price may drop and ddr5 will be finally in consumer hand. So if apple can offer 512gb or more plus 8 plus gb ddr5 ram I would invest in them.

If I am not wrong apple will soon drop their lightning connector and adopt USB c in everything. They should have made this with iphone 7 but the fact lightning connector patent is a million dollar business is what is drawing them back. It will happen sooner or later.

Because apple pushed USB c in all Mac every other hardware manufacturer is adoption the standard. If apple used 2 USB c and 2 USB a, they wouldn't have any reason to invest in USB c just then. It is not user friendly now but even mid-range phone of xiaomi, hwawei is using USB c. Apple took an initial hit to do something great.

Surface laptop don't have any USB c and they used fabric around key board. They stated it should be handed carefully like women's purse. They just lost the whole male demographic for the laptop. Eating, drinking, computing is what we do not wiping of the oil in hand. :wink:

Judging by the article they are just adding the option to have command line SUSE and Fedora to the store. I don't know about Fedora, but you have been able to change the Ubuntu command line to Arch and SUSE for months.

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Pretty damaging to the image of Suse and Feodora. They should file a complaint because they are being libeled by MS.


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