Microsoft is bringing three more major Linux distro in Windows app store!

Huh. My take on this is that MS is trying to:
Extract data from a missing market sector;
Destabilize the development community of their competition;
and/or begin steps to claim ownership of linux code.

But I am probably just paranoid.

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Totally agree. Ubuntu, fedora, suse are full operating system. Microsoft is insulting them by marketing them a mere windows subsystem is just plain insult.

As far as we can guess Microsoft may have made some down payment. But this short term benefit will eventually hurt Linux eco-system.

Pretty damaging to the image of Suse and Feodora. They should file a complaint because they are being libeled by MS.

No you are not far from truth. They are trying to extract developer of open source community. Maybe they can make windows app store great again. :wink:


I think just the fact the m$ is doing this sort of thing is very telling.....perhaps it will blow-up in their can only hope.
Maybe it's getting close to payback time?

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Fedora, SUSE, and Ubuntu/Canonical -aren't they also the only ones sponsored by the friendly Microsoft Secure Boot? -wow, what a coincidence. :wink:


We are already having a laugh. Plus normal Ubuntu Fedora GUI user would barely use ms subsystem. Plus open source developers are not idiots. Money is not the deriving factors here.

I totally didn't know that. Those Linux distros only hurting themselves for some short-term buzz.


Luckily, my crystal ball I used this morning does not run MS OS. :smiley:


That's not luck. You are smart, that is all.

USB-C is adopted more broadly now because its implementation is ripe as of recently only. Yes, Apple likes to do away early what they think is depreciated. But their recent "effort" in this is just a laugh. A Pro-Book (which many photographers love(d) to use) that does away with the SD card slot? Does away with the Magsafe adapter? And not even include 1 lightning port for good? And then the battery: it has not grown because they soldered everything on the Board, no, it shrunk (battery life remained admittedly the same though)!

Whoever made all these decisions (and all at once) lives in some kind of bubble and hasn't asked his customers for a long time. IMHO current Apple computer hardware is extremely 'meh' for its price.

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Apple has done some serious bad decision with the mac book. Phil even admitted that trash can was not a very good idea. Next year only mag safe can come back from my prediction.
The display brightness and the touch bar is the reason why battery life is same.
Apple has admitted their decision mistake and some serious hardware upgrade can be expected next year.
But they are not likely to change the port philosophy. It's message to the other third party is clear, like a mafia boss, "we have taken decision for you, deal with it!" :smile:

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Apple are continuing building smaller, and not bigger. The iMac can be overpowered to beat that "trash can". Apple even dropped that beatuiful 17"-MacBook-Pro laptop years ago. They also dropped their external hardware-Fusion-Raid enclosures,..., years ago as well.

I suspect Apple is out of the Workstation/Server market for good, -they'll update the iMac instead.
They even admit their money is mostly on the iPhones, iPads, ..., and will continue to be so.

Apple really has NOTHING to offer Workstation/Servers, -they had a chance, years ago, to go with ZFS,..., but Steve Jobs was either to cheap to pay, that Sun-killer, "Oracle", or he knew that the Desktop/Laptop market was a dead-end for his over-priced Apple's.?

And Apple's "HFS+" file system is a piece of ■■■■ anyway. which everybody knew then, and now.

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Out of the server market definitely, they have been for a long time. But I believe there is meant to be a new Mac Pro coming out this year or next.

Apple has adopted APFS which by all means better suited for today'e memory technology. All apple ecosystem developers are positive about this system.

Apple is bound to bring some good desktop and laptop next year. Because microsoft has windows 10 now and offering some good hardware. If apple doesn't play ward ball it will be left will only ipad and iphone. One is already dying and the other one is not not enough to cross the trillion dollar mark.

I am really excited about 2018 because apple will get its pro user back or never.

I can see this going in the direction of Linux restriction, where there are signed distros, which are allowed to run, and unsigned ones, which are hard-blocked. This may also explain why Windows 10 updates messes with UEFI boot configs, why secure boot poses obstacles and why some distros are so interested in joining in. I just hope flexible/configurable hardware continues to be available at a reasonable price in the future. I don't see Google going in that direction, Apple was never in that boat, and MS is trying to close the fences. What will hardware producers do? If they're dumb, they'll give in and made hostages of the OS's, potentially loosing business if more OS's choose to build their own hardware. If they're smart, they'll open their hardware and Linux will potentially strive at the PC platform. I hope this bomb backfires on MS.

Maybe MS is truly trying to open itself in a desperate attempt to gather developing workforce at a very low cost, I just don't believe that's the only reason. They are already with a big foot at cloud services, and they even claim to protect license and patent issues for development done on those platforms. I can only imagine what the consequences will be in the future for those using these services.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that this Linux subsystem is basically BASH which just allows a user to run BASH commands and some CLI programs. It's not actually running full Linux like a normal installation. I'll pass since the user is still running Windows with all it's weaknesses.

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Exactly, Google made part of it opensource but not the one they needs to be closed source. Like their apps. Apple is not in this hypocrisy, they only made a part of their AI open source and that's it. Where microsoft is playing the good guy. Be assured, as long as server business are in existence, MS can no way force intel to make it windows only and AMD is with open source all along anyway. The extent MS can influence is making older OS like 7 impossible to run new hardware or force others to do the same. That's it. After the recent ransomware hit, many IT developers and smart small business owners will at least try to shift in linux. An it is 2017, almost any major distro now can be run on any new or older hardware. :smile:

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Yes you are right. The most you can do is run some bash script and VIM! i tried it and with some hacckerdy you can bring out the GUI. Sincerely thats not worth the trouble at all.

Yes, that's the current situation, but I'm talking about the long term plan. These guys don't think for today or tomorrow. They have strategic goals to achieve in which they are constantly working on.

It's those very same iPhones, and iPads,..., that have made Apple hugely profitable now. They have NO Servers, they have no Workstations, -other than their IMac, and they know it.

And, as far as their "APFS" goes, it's a laughing stock, gimme a break, that proprietary/closed piece of garbage is no better than their age-old HFS+ junkware filesystem.
But hey, believe what you will.

Since when apple made anything open source? i have read article from the developers and they were very positive about APFS. i am no developer, so i take their words.

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