Migrate Manjaro KDE files, applications, and settings to SSD with Windows 10 on it.

I recently installed Manjaro KDE on an old HDD that I put in my dell latitude e6540 laptop to test the OS and see if I liked it. I very much do and didn't realize having Windows on one SSD and Manjaro on a different HDD would be such a problem. I find myself having to swap the drives at least twice a week to use both OSes for different things. How can I migrate all of my files, settings, and applications to the SSD with a fresh install of Manjaro and keep windows 10 intact? BTW, the HDD is 160GB and the SSD is 128GB.

Welcome at the froum @Arangizo, usually it's no big deal to run Windoze on one disk and Manjaro on another as long as both are installed in the same scheme, i.e. both installed in UEFI mode with gpt parted disk or both installed in legacy (BIOS) mode with MBR disk. So in case reinstalling of one of the OS is an option for you, please find out what the status is and then we might give you some advice.

By the way, here is a good tutorial for dual boot installs:

When both OS are installed in the same mode then you could simply decide during boot from Manjaro's grub menu what OS to start.

My main problem is that I don't want to wear down the contacts on the SATA connectors or risk losing a bunch of files by dropping the SSD or losing either drive. I want to have it all in the same place without swapping disks.

Then you have to free some space on the existing SSD and follow the guide I posted. I would think if you get 40 GiB unallocated space you would have enough for / and even a swap partition. Without swap 30 GiB should be fine.


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