Minecraft 1.8 and below fullscreen issue on dual monitor setup

I am on Manjaro 20.0.3.
I have a dual monitor setup. My problem is that whenever I fullscreen Minecraft versions 1.8 and below, my primary monitor (which is on the left) only shows the left half of the game, the right monitor still just shows the desktop. (It's as if the game is trying to display across both monitors but fails and only displays half of itself on the primary monitor).
If I try to minimize the game window or take a screenshot, my computer freezes up completely and I have to plug it out and back in again.
My GPU is a nvidia 1050ti. I have the latest drivers installed.

Also I am sure that this is purely a dual monitor issue because if I plug out the other monitor, fullscreen works fine. Fullscreen also works fine on any version above 1.8.

Hi and welcome!

As i know it is not the fault of manjaro or its configs, but rather minecrafts ability to detect the displays correctly. I use a workaround sometimes:

#resize window with given name to resolution
xdotool windowsize $(xdotool search --onlyvisible --name minecraft) 1920 1080 && \
#move the window on the left top corner of your primary monitor.
xdotool windowmove $(xdotool search --onlyvisible --name minecraft) 0 0

I don't play minecraft, but there should be maybe something in the configs? I believe there has to be an "auto" option and an option to a specific resolution.

@Megavolt Thanks so much for the reply. I will try the workaround and see if it works.

@Megavolt The fix didn't work. It only sets the resolution for windowed mode but does not affect fullscreen. I don't even think it is a minecraft problem. Even if I force the game window to be 1920x1080 through a mod. The other monitor goes completely black, and the computer still freezes if I minimize the window.

I searched a bit and found this solution for gnome desktop:

Add this wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b toggle,fullscreen to your keyboard shortcuts. It toggles any windows to full screen no matter what.

So start minecraft in window mode and type your shortcut.

Hope it worked :wink:

In XFCE it is just typing F11 ...

Thanks so much! It worked!

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