Minimal brightness setting not remembered


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I set the slider in Battery and Brightness -> Display Brightness to minimum.
After reboot or logout/login this value is not remembered, instead it reverts to 5.00 according to light,, which I installed from Official Repositories.
Is it possible to make it remember?

Furthermore, the Fn+F5/F6 keys works but in steps of 5.00.
Is there a way to adjust the step values?

I could write a startup script using light to set the value at boot but maybe there is a more sensible way?


Worked around it by creating a systemd service which runs a shell script at boot.

# cat /etc/systemd/system/low-brightness.service


# cat /usr/local/bin/

# Set low-brightness at boot (See /etc/systemd/system/low-brightness.service)
light -S 0.1

Edit: changed Solved to Worked around it
2: changed mysql to upower.service

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