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I've just installed Manjaro XFCE for the first time and setting up all my accounts. I'm using thunderbird for mail, and I'd like to minimize it to the panel. Is this possible to do in XFCE? I'd like to get notifications when receiving new mail and with one click open them up in thunderbird. I have found the mail notification widget that I can place in the panel, so something like that, but integrated with a mail reader.


I was about to suggest the FireTray addon for Thunderbird, but it has been discontinued...

Kdocker? Never used it myself.

I've been using FireTray for years. That works perfectly.

Thanks, I'l try that. I actually found it in the available add-ons for Thunderbird but was hesitant to add it since it says it's not compatible with the current version.

Maybe it'll break in the future if it's not maintained?

most likely the author just hasn't updated the version compatibility. as long as thunderbird still uses xpi files, you can do that yourself to see if it works.

I didn't know FireTray wasn't going to be developed any further. So far, every Thunderbird update has been a clean one. That's why I didn't care much about it.

Thanks for the advice. While that seems to be a decent workaround I'm a bit hesitant to beocome used to software that is no longer maintained. Even if it may work well now, who knows how it will be in a year.

Maybe I'll go for the mail checker widget after all.


An easy solution is to use xfce4 mail watch plug-in.

It check for new mail, and you do not have to keep thunderbird open.

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