Minitube 3.0 stops working: Minitube 3.1 fix the problem

Minitube 3.0.x stops playing videos from YouTube. Seems that 3.1 version fix the problem & it already is packaged on the Community repo from ArchLinux:

Could it be rolled out to the Manjaro repos, please? It 's an authentic pleasure seeing videos without all the youtube crap surrounding.

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There's also minitube-aur in the AUR which is updated to 3.1.


I suppose the request is to push the working version to stable...

It's an understandable request but it might set a precedence that all bugfixes will be fast-tracked. Rebuilding packages for stable also needs effort, and if the package is already updated in another branch then it should be easy enough to switch up to testing to get it earlier.

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