Missing icons for FreeOffice in Gnome dash

FreeOffice products (TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations) are missing an icon in the Gnome dash (and thus also in dash to dock):

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-06-03 19-11-30

according to the reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/drrypf/freeoffice_programs_icons_are_not_showing_on_gnome/ ) these values in the corresponding .desktop files should be shipped per default in Manjaro (manually edit the .desktop files will be overwritten by an update)


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As a workaround, you can make a copy of the desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ and edit it there. It will take precedence over the one in /usr/share and won't get overwritten by updates.

Having the same issue and hoping for an integrated solution. Workarounds always give a hacky feel to apps.

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thanks for the hint. But since this is no individual requirement/problem I'd suggest to make this per default because probably many other users have that issue too

Here is the solution:

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