/mnt folder filled with files

Hi guys,
my mnt folder on root level is packed with files and folders.
The same folders like on root level.
Could have happened during one backup try....
It's about 130 G.
Can i just delete them, to gain 130 G diskspace?
Thank you very much

The system doesn't put files there by default so those should be files you placed there. If they are safe to delete or not is up to you since they should be your files.

Reboot and see what is left. If you have usb-sticks, external hd, secnd hd/sssd in the same computer that may be those.

They could be his second ssd and if he deletes that he'l find out the hard way.

Open a terminal in fullscreen and run:

lsblk -f

to see what is being mounted there if anything.

Just a heads up that lsblk doesn't show all mount points. The command mount would be a more reliable way to determine if something is mounted there.

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I rebooted without anything attached.
Nothing was mounted.
Those folders and files were still there.
I guess somehow i put them there during another backingup-try accidently.
I deleted them all.
Now they are gone.
Everythings seems to be working as usual.

Thanks a lot guys

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Thanks for the heads up @dalto !

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