Mono audio only on Acer Predator 17

Hello, I am getting mono audio from only the left speaker on my laptop, I did some searching around and it seems that it is a common issue, I fould a solution for ubuntu but I have no idea how to translate to arch/manjaro, any tips?

solution on ubuntu:

hdajackretask is part of the alsa-tools package, i've never used it but maybe @nikgnomic is around for some guidance.

or you could just install and try it yourself according to the instructions on the ubuntu link you posted


It is exactly the same settings, not sure why it did not work before, but it did on second try



solution should be post #3 as screenshot shows just what is needed

doesn't look like any guidance needed

good find on that Ubuntu post
'It's fairly easy to use graphical tool' isn't wrong
but knowing which pinIDs to go for in advance helps a lot

may help to post data with comment about hdajackretask to bugzilla:
original user appears to have worked this out with hdaanalyzer
if results are same with hdajackrestask will help progress to kernel fix

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