More problems with Firefox: Doesn't display radio/option buttons

Hi people, sorry for everyday post new problems haha.
Firefox doesn't display radio buttons. I read and have tried with codes that I found in Google about this topic but nothing resolve the problem.

I attach a picture:


This is an issue with your theme.

Change your theme.

Also, this has already been posted in one of your other Firefox threads but you really should read it:


Thanks @jonathon I read and did the post indications, but the problem is not solve.
I tried with 11 differents themes (8 incluided in Manjaro Deepin and 3 downloaded by me) and with none have display the radio buttons.

Do you have a dark theme to recommend me for solve the problem?
Thanks again

Finally I found the solution.
With this simple line I have been able to solve 2 things:
The problem of displaying the radiobuttons, and also the problem of all the inputboxes with a black background (This last one was solved with 10 lines of CSS that I had copied from another place, but now with this line everything is solved)


Close (exit) all instances of Firefox.
Go to your profile folder. It is here: ~/.mozilla/firefox/randomstring.default . In there, look for a subfolder called chrome . If it doesn't exist, create it.
To create the chrome folder you can use your file manager (or the command line with mkdir chrome ).
If chrome does exist, look for a file called userContent.css . Otherwise, create an empty text file with this name in the chrome folder. Now open userContent.css with a text editor and paste in or append this code:

INPUT, TEXTAREA {color: black !important; background: #aaaaaa !important; }

Save the file (as plain text) and close the text editor. Restart Firefox. You should now have black text on a light gray background. You can use whatever color combination you prefer.
Notes: chrome and userContent.css are case-sensitive and should be spelled correctly. The settings here will take precedence over those in the OS theme and will remain the same in Firefox irrespective of which gtk theme you switch to.

Here the source.



In Firefox go to about:config and set the following string value: widget.content.gtk-theme-override = Adwaita:light

(You have to right-click and select New -> String. Searching for gtk-theme-override won't find anything because the setting isn't there by default.)

Here the source.

Seriously, this is a theme issue. It's been posted about multiple times on the forum.

But - I'm glad you've found a solution for your specific case.

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Yes, i read some posts about the theme also but I change my theme a lot of times and nothing solve the problem. And with this line all is OK and is not necessary change it
Thanks for your reply and help @jonathon

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