Most recent stable branch update problem

I am on kernel 4.19 lts and KDE. I3-4150 cpu and vega 64 gpu, 16gb ram.

I updated may 27, using yakuake and pacman -Syyuu, saw no errors on the terminal, then shut down for the night.

This morning I am no longer able to get to either a desktop or a terminal without using recovery media. Currently posting from a 4.18 live usb.
I do sometimes see "recovering journal" or something like it flash by at the top of the screen, everything after is black, however.

I think I have successfully manjaro-chroot -a in the live usb, pacman has no updates to make and is up to date. mkinitcpio -P and a subsequent grub-update and reboot do nothing to solve the problem, but don't make it worse, either

Does anyone know what is wrong and how I may fix it?
Thank you.

Boot any other Kernel you have available.

Same thing happens. Black screen all around. The second and only other kernel is 4.9.

You are going to have to install another Kernel like 4.14x or 5.0x there's a problem with 4.19x and rx vega 56/64 on 4.19 atm.

That is better news than I had feared.
Do I just sudo pacman -S Linux414?

I'm pretty new to this so I have never had to chroot an install. In terminal sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux414 (thanks @tbg) I have read you should not use pacman to install Kernels. You should also be able to use manjaro settings manager?


have you try pacman -Syyu ?
for adding kernel
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux51
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux52

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Kernel 5.1 was what let me boot. 5.2 disabled my mouse and keyboard.

Thank you for all your help.


do not use 5.2 , this is not Stable ,
stay always with stable kernel , in your case
5.0 or 5.1

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