Most user friendly and most versatile Linux OS I have experienced. What a joy to use Kde Manjaro!

I have been using Kde Manjaro for a month now and I am really very, very pleased with it. I was sort of waiting if perhaps something could go terribly wrong with this Linux OS, but day after day I am delighted how easy it is to use for beginners like me. Being based on the widely feared Arch, I really was surprised how easy Manjaro was. I have never had such a user friendly Linux experience before. Every tiny little thing that didnt work in other Linux OS'es does work flawlessly in Manjaro. On top of that there are so many options and programs to choose from, that I must also praise the versatility of Manjaro. Last but certainly not least, this forum is lightning fast and full of experienced, friendly Manjaro users. I must admit that I only accidentally stumbled into Manjaro, because one edition of the Pinephone was about to be released with Manjora running on it, so I wanted to know Manjaro better before I purchased this Pinephone edition.

There is only one flaw with Manjaro: why havent I heard of it before as THE Linux OS one must experience? I have read in magazines (years ago) about Ubuntu and LinuxMint, but I have never remembered or read there was much of a buzz about Manjaro. My only grief: I wish I had discovered this wonderful Linux OS years ago. What a joy to use Kde Manjaro ! :heart_eyes:


The Pinephone is just experimentical and still not useable, whatever DE. This is just for developers and will not function properly. That will last more time unless it is for proper use.

Yes, that's what I found out as well, after I had already started to use Manjaro. :upside_down_face: I am glad though that the Pinephone was the accidental reason that I discovered Manjaro, because I really like Kde Manjaro. :grinning: I forgot to say that I think that Manjaro is the best looking Linux OS as well. Not that looks matter that much, but the Plasma style is definitely quite nice to the eye...

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