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Hi all,
I was so preoccupied with getting my graphics cards working right I over looked a couple of things during install. One been the 1TB HDD, I've installed Manjaro to the SSD but would ideally like /home to be on the HDD.
What is the best way to achieve this without borking my current install?
Also am I trying to do the right thing? should I use the HDD for any other folders?
Asus FX503VD

A few places where this was discussed:

and my personal take on this

I would keep it as is and use the TB as a data drive to dump things in to. If you want you could also symlink Downloads, Pictures, Music, etc there as well. I say this because certain things like configs and caches can reside in your home folder, and as such you may wish to keep it on the SSD.


This is what I am doing on my desktop, but I'm using bind mounts instead of symlinks.

keep the /home on the SSD and I bind Downloads, Videos, Pictures, Music and other large folders into my /home.

To do this I first mount the HDD to /mnt.
Then I Bind the folders from /mnt/$folder to /home/strit/$folder.

Works like a charm, but I guess symlinks can be used too.


Could you explain that a bit more in detail please? Sounds interesting. What exactly did you do to accomplish that?

What I do is, I have my /home on the SSD, except for the personal data folders Documents, Downloads, etc. They are placed on a HDD mounted as /Data. The folder Documents now becomes /Data/Documents.
In KDE settings I moved those folders from /home/ to /Data.
Plus, I start Dolphin not in /home/ but in /Data.

KDE settings ==> Applications ==> Locations
Change the path for the folders you want to move and click Apply.

It is all done via my /etc/fstab.

The section which handles this is:

/dev/sdb1                               /mnt    ext4    defaults,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0
/mnt/Videoklip      /home/strit/Videoklip   none    bind
/mnt/Hentninger     /home/strit/Hentninger  none    bind
/mnt/Games     /home/strit/Games  none    bind

Hey thanks for the replies, the community here is pretty awesome.
Just from a quick look I think I'll do as suggested and link to the HDD.

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How do I give permission to write to the HDD

  • /dev/sdb4: LABEL="Storage" UUID="ba4bdc8e-5a66-4d7b-adfd-2cd682471d0e" TYPE="ext4" PARTLABEL="primary" PARTUUID="ed539b97-3143-4e72-be92-ce8b60cdfb40"

I've been trying to chmod it but not sure on the correct code.
Thanks as always.

in fstab add this (replace /desired/mountpoint with the actual full path)

UUID=ba4bdc8e-5a66-4d7b-adfd-2cd682471d0e /desired/mountpoint  ext4  rw,noatime  0  0

If you have created the mountpoint in your home no further action should be needed.

If you created the folder some other place like /media or /data - you might need to change that folders permissions. Replace USER:USER with your actual username

sudo chown USER:USER /folder -R

You should change the permissions after you have rebooted since this will ensure that everything on that drive is owned by the specified user.

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It might be more clear to point out which portions are supposed to be filled with personal criteria, as the coded line itself, for a naked eye, doesnt say anything about that (and isnt consistent itself with hints)

It occoured to me I could change permissions in Nautilus if I ran as root.
I'm manually moving any big files which is working for now.

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