Move Manjaro to a partition on SSD with dual boot

Hi everyone!
I recently installed Manjaro in dual boot with windows10, on separate drives (windows on the ssd and Manjaro on a partition of my hdd). Now, it's been a couple of weeks since manjaro was installed and i rarely booted into windows and since the hdd is slow to boot and a good chunk of my ssd is free I wanted to migrate my installation (from the partition on the HDD to a new partition on the SSD). I also added a lot of tweaks to make manjaro it work best with my laptop, so I want to avoid a fresh installation if it's possible. I've seen similar posts but none of them take dual boot into consideration and I don't want to mess up the dual boot, I still have to use windows now and then. Any tips on how to do it?
Maybe I should just reinstall manjaro alongside windows on the ssd?


Fist let me say doing it the way you did on seperate drives is generally recommended, since win10 tends to overwrite the bootloader, if you have both systems on the same drive. Personally i would recommend, since you use Manjaro mainly as you say, to get a third drive and switch both of them to keep them seperate

If you still want to do it you will need to make sure therer is enough space on the drive to copy the old partition over.
Also did you do a classic mbr install or a modern UEFI install? That is very important to know so you can choose the next steps correctly.

Thank you for your reply. I did a UEFI install, but I was thinking at your reply and you are right, the way it is now it's safer and it works overall. Unfortunately I can't add a third drive because I'm using laptop (I replaced the DVD drive with an adaptor to add a second disk but I can't add more). And i gave Manjaro a 160gb partition while my SSD is only 120gb, so thinking about it I just made my life much more difficult xD.
I think my best shot is to uninstall windows and manjaro and install manjaro on the ssd and windows on the hdd.

You would not need to necessarily uninstall Manjaro.... you could potentially just make the partition smaller,
clone both (EFI and root )partitions to the SSD, alter the fstab with the new UUIDs of the new partitions and then just use the SSD.... worst case you still have the backup on the old HDD or already somewhat committed to nuking both installs, so i guess it would be worth a try.

Yeah this seems like a better solution...
Thank you, as a newbie it's very nice to find some helpful advice!

If Windows and Manjaro each has its own EFI system partition, the risk of one interferring with the other is non-existent. In a multiboot system I have Windows plus 4 Linux OS's on the same disk. Each has it's own ESP and they all coexist peacefully.

Do you set it up with manual partitioning at installation?

Or easier prior to launch the installer. Gparted or KDE partition manager could be used to pre-partition the disk. Next you would launch the installer and choose "manual partitioning" and point the installer to those partitions you have created to be mounted at the relevant mount points.

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