Moving to Manjaro Architect with dual boot with Windows UEFI

I have decided to switch to Manjaro after concluding that Fedora slows me down.
I have a dual boot setup with Windows and UEFI.
I want to use the Architect installer.

How should I partition the drive in the installer, and install Manjaro without removing Windows efi files?

If mount the existing ESP simply say no to "Format".

If you've never installed Manjaro before--or used an ncurses-type installer--may I suggest you use the normal graphical installation routine first?


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@AmitGold, have you seen this tutorial?

Also the posts after the turorial itself are quiet helpful to make a decision.

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Don't. Use gparted or gnome-disks instead. You need at minimum 1 partition, you can share efi partition with windows. As suggested by @eugen-b, just don't format the efi partition and everything is fine. Mount edi to /boot/efi and choose grub for the bootloader.

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Thank you! This tutorial helped a lot!
Just one last thing, how could I remove the Fedora EFI files?

Thanks! This makes sense.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have already tried installing with the Architect installer on a VM.

Using efibootmgr. Search efibootmgr remove entry


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