MPV: a DVD I've played twice before no longer plays. It hangs at exactly 18s

This has me stumped. I accept it may not be a Manjaro/XFCE issue directly, but where else to ask?

So, I have this DVD that I've watched twice before on my computer. I put it in last night, and it freezes on the intro titles. Reboots, clean DVD - same result.

Today I followed up a link and cleaned the DVD with toothpaste (I kid you not!) and while it was never scratched in the first place, the disc is now shiny, new looking.

I put it in - exact same result! There are NO visible signs whatsoever. Not only do I look after my discs, but there's zero visual evidence of any degradation or fault with the disc.

Other discs play fine. This one won't play in VLC either.

Anyone got any suggestions? Do discs just 'fail' at random? Can I just buy a new copy, or is there something I can check, configure or reinstall?

The toothpaste thing isnt that weird (though watch out for style/brand!) I have used it in the past .. but only as a last-ditch effort.

If the disk refuses to play on every player and other disks are fine the obvious answer seems to be the disk at fault.

But maybe there are other differences ... region? Quality ? (is one super-mega-HD and others not?)

Oops - sorry cscs, only just saw this! For some reason email notifications don't always reach me (must be Linux! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, just came here to say thanks for your input. As it happens, I did FINALLY manage to get said DVD to play after a huge amount of restarting the player and very quickly dragging the time slider to around two minutes into the movie.

The only conclusion I could come to was that there exists some imperceptible scratch or other fault that has been introduced. Using a magnifying glass it is impossible to see, but the film did used to play correctly from the beginning.

When I can I shall purchase some of the DVD repair fluid and apply some of that - surely it can't be THAT much of a scratch if I can't see it? Or maybe the foil layer has been damaged or has oxidised? No idea. One of these days I'll simply replace the DVD (when I can afford it)

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