MPV not opening when clicking on files KDE

I'm having issues when trying to open video files in kde. When I click on the file in dolphin explorer, the mpv player opens then closes on the next second. Trying to open on terminal shows no errors, the file opens just fine. Opening through "open with > mpv" too runs fine. This is very weird and at first didn't happen. Some points to help clarify my problem:

1 - the files are local;
2 - my desktop environment is kde plasma;
3 - my file explorer is dolphin;
4 - i didn't know when or why it became like this but before it worked just fine.
5 - when i click on the video portrait on dolphin, mpv icon shows up but then closes on the next instant;
6 - opening in terminal with the command "mpv " works fine;
7 - opening in dolphin through "open with > mpv" works fine too.

Try right clicking on the video file, properties and then rearrange to make smplayer or vlc the default player. Then double click to see if the same thing happens. If it does not, change the default player back to mpv and see if the problem arises again.

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