MTP android smartphone sometimes won't display content in Nemo

When i freshly start manjaro cinnamon and connect my android smartphone it connects and works great. But if disconnect this device and reconnect it connects but gives error when i try to open this device. If i restart my pc the device connects and works perfectly again.
Any thoughts what can be wrong here?

And yes i unlock my phone and set it to usb transfer ofcourse, so that is not the problem.

Screenshot from 2020-08-01 13-39-22

I only use cinnamon but it may be a problem with other versions as well?


I don't know - on my system I have no issues - plug and unplug - apart from the annoying chime from the phone - I cannot complain - it work as expected

Using Openbox and Thunar

Okay so it must be a cinnamon specific i guess.

I don't know how to diagnose this problem, been using Linux for a few years but relatively new to manjaro.

Are you sure USB is not usb charging I think you need mpt to see phone in nemo so you need gvs-mtp installed.

gvfs-mtp is installed

The main problem is that if i disconnect the phone and reconnect this error shows up and i can't acces this device. A restart fixes this problem, it works flawlessly

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