Multi screen wallpaper as background in kde plasma 5

I've been looking how to span a single wallpaper across all monitors / desktops but there's just no option. The only thing would be to split the image and set them separately. The problem is when you want to change or use the slideshow function to automatically change wallpapers.

Does anyone know if there's some hidden option to do this or have only 1 desktop panel for all monitors?

Based on what I read, this was possible back in KDE 3.5... I can't believe they just dropped this option... Let alone, boast of multi monitor support in newer versions when you can't do basic stuff like this...


Also dual monitor and hate the I have to manually split a 3360x1050 into two 1680x1050.
But will search as someone had a solution for slide show on dual monitors.
And will chime in if I can find it!

Unfortunately this seemed to have happen :frowning:
Even "quite fresh" KDE Neon 5.10 does not offer such option :frowning:
At least I've created a script to automate the process so it's not as painful and supports whatever screen count, combination and resolutions. Uses xrandr and imagemagick. You may give it a try if you want :slight_smile:

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open the picture with Krita go to image > image split : 2 horizontal lines, 0 vertical lines
thats all

Thanks @tharrrk, I'll check your script and see how it works.

@LucyDemoon the problem is not about easily split an image, but to slideshow a bunch across multiple monitors. But thanks for the tip anyway.

I'm trying really hard to like KDE, but not having this awfully basic option is beyond ridiculous.

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Here we go:


  • Set a single image across all displays
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