Multiboot With Windows 10 Pro

good day,

i just install manjaro kde and love it, but i had a major issue. i have a samsung 850 evo 120 gig ssd split between to copies of 10 pro, gpt partition scheme. i made room for manjaro but when i set it up for custom partitioning i could not get the next button. i ended up choosing install along side, and in doing that i don't have a master bootloader. i have to hit f8 and select the manjaro install so i don't boot into the windows boot loader. any help and or suggestions to keep this from happening in the future would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Hello You must install grub bootloader always on yours first Hard disc, or reinstall-update grub

shouldn't the grub bootloader be installed by default? for future reference and for current use is their a good tutorial on installing grub so i don't have to rerun manjaro?

Yes bootloader install by default, about manjaro I don't know

can you boot with USB install stick
open a terminal , and return the output ?

fdisk -l
parted -l 

stephane you lost me.

just boot with USB manjaro
open a terminal

fdisk -l 
parted -l 

and put here the return output
( with [ code ] and [/ code ] balises or ''')

I guess you mean ".. not re-install Manjaro" I guess.
Here is a good tutorial to repair booting

and this for repairing from WinOS

o.k. after some consideration i've decided to just wipe the manjaro partition and reinstall. now my drive is gpt, but in rufus if i chose gpt to create the manjaro boot media i get a error trying to boot from it. now with that said under mbr manjaro did install. now before i actually reinstall can someone walk me through or post a link to a tutorial on making sure grub captures the 2 win installs and list them for selection on it's boot boot menu? thanks

fyi the one command for the cnd only adjusted the motherboarfs boot loader to read samsung 850, and 2 windows loader 1 for each win 10 instead of being other and windows.

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