Multiple Monitors - Applications Start in 'Wrong' Screen

I have 6 identical monitors, and 2 identical amd radeon video cards (6670). All set up relatively easily. This is not a detection/recognition type issue.

The Pattern is 3 wide by 2 tall.
Primary screen is #2

I have 6 panels each with its own taskbar, that shows which applications are located on that screen.

This posting is quite similar to mine: Multi-monitor: Windows opening on wrong screen (KDE Plasma desktop)

However that user has a different interpretation of what the 'proper' monitor is for newly started applications. (he wanted them to appear where they were last). But we share the frustration in not being able to predict in which screen a newly launched program will open.

In order of preference, I want a application open in the screen:

  1. Where the mouse pointer resides. (this is very handy, if you are working on screen #3, but you don't want a new program over top of the one you're using, but the Launcher is close (also on screen 3), you launch from screen 3, then quickly move the mouse to an unused screens say below to # 6, and it saves you from dragging the window.
  2. From the corresponding screen where the taskbar was used to launch. Taskbar on Screen 5 launches application to screen 5.
  3. To the Primary Screen
  4. To where the last place the application was used/closed (equivalent to random to me).
  5. The last screen it was opened to.(useless since I can't control where it opens to in the first place.)

How do I achieve the desired behaviour?
I found the settings within Kde that control if a window actives under a mouse, or on mouse click. However, none of those controls, have any effect on which screen the program is launched to.

I'm tired of each a program being launched, and having it appear on any screen seemingly random, then have me move it by the title bar to a screen that has no maximised programs.
Since it will be weeks since I use the same program again, I want programs to go to unused screens. I won't remember where they were used last.

thanks to all that can help. I understand a 6 screen setup is rare. I don't game. My knowledge of linux is next to nothing, this is my second crack at it.

Have you tried the "Active screen follows mouse" option in System Settings > Window Behaviour > Window Behaviour?

It is actually System Settings > Windows Management > Window Behavior.

With that, I have that option checked and it still happens to me with multi-monitors. What is even worse, some applications open up on one screen but its settings menu pop up on another window. It is really inconsistent.

Yes that menu, Window Actions Tab, mostly have to do with activation of a window, not where a window opens. Though Advanced tab, Window Placement -> Under mouse, seems to do nothing. Or perhaps it just works on some programs, and most others it does nothing leaving me to conclude that Window Placement -> under Mouse is for some other purpose. At least I'm not the only one struggling with this.

Found a possible solution for this, possible because I didn't test.
Maybe it's suitable for you.

Thanks, I will test it out later and report back.

Yes! That did it. Oh wow I searched but never found. Thanks for making my first forum request a very positive experience.


you are welcome =)

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