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so at the beginning of the year I was trying to get 2 separate x sessions running one with a normal desktop environment running on the primary monitor and another with a steam os session running on a tv. well, I got it working sort of. So now i have kde runing on my monitor and when i press ctl+alt+f2 It switches to my 4k tv which is running the steamos compositor and session. The only issue is i have to switch between them with ctl+alt+f2 and ctl+alt+f1 and i also haven’t figured out how to automate it on boot.

i just had to install the steamos compostor and in the tty i want steam in run DISPLAY=":1" and then xinit /usr/bin/steamos-session and it worked

my question is does anyone know how i can automate all of this on boot?

If you're running 2 different OSes, this is as close as you'll get to "automating" them...

If you'd want to run two X-sessions of the same OS you can get them running simultaneously by using X Forwarding though...

You could put it in a script to be run when you login on the tty, using a different user. However it seems that's not quite what you're after.

I've never actually tried separate x screens, despite meaning to for years, you'll have to configure xorg to have two separate screens first.

# Launch steam on the second screen
$ DISPLAY=:0.1 /usr/bin/steamos-session &

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yeah after thinking about it for a little the best i would be able to do is when i open a tty and login i just isse a single command for a script or something that runs all the necsseary commands. because i don't think its possible/easy to make a second tty login automaticly to my same user and then run a command. (thats basicly what im trying to do) so I just wrote a script called GameON :sweat_smile: that runs the steamos session and sets eveything up.

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im still runing one OS. is it possible to run multiple OS :open_mouth:? well i guess containers and vm are technically that. im just using the steamos compositer form alkazar

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I thought you wanted separate x screens, your DE on one monitor and steam on the other one at the same time. Is that not the case?

I called my script nses and used startx, it checks what tty I'm on and starts it on that one using the tty number as a display number. I have mate, xfce and urbanterror set so I can just nses urt or nses xfce otherwise it looks in /usr/bin for whatever has been passed.

originaly yes thats what i wanted for me to login to my computer and have kde running on my monitor and if i look over my shoulder steam would be running with the steamos compositor on my tv. but i was only able to get it to work on seperate tty ( which i guess is better cuz that way i don't have to worry about having separate inputs for my kde instance and my "steamos "instance) so now what i do is i login to my computer and when i want to game i switch to tty2 login with my same username and password and then run GameON which will setup up everything and launch steam on that tty on my 4k tv and it will turn of my moniter. I can then switch to kde whenever I want by switching to tty1 and it will then turn off my tv and turn on my monitor

Ah fair enough, that's the way I chose too. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that's possible too. If you're running just one OS, x is a client and a server. So the server would be running in the background and the client would be running on 2 different screens.

If it's one OS, why don't you run applications on multiple screens though? in KDE that's very easy: all your normal applications have window rules for screen 1 and then the steamos compositer from alkazar runs on screen 2 like this:


You get there by right-clicking the window title and then clicking more actions and then window/application settings

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i can run the kde compositor on one screen and the steamos compositor on another? im doing this cuz 1. its cool 2. i don't get the crashes and other issue i have with kwin when im gaming on nvidia(i think havent realy gamed yet on my setup) 3. i dont get issues where the computer gets confused whether the key i press is for the game or for the desktop. I'm still a newb when it comes to linux although im learning lol :sweat_smile:

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so if anyone stumbles upon this or you guys know of a better way to do this please let me know i like learning and I'm open to criticism/suggestions :smile:

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