Music player with embeding cover art option


¿is there any music player with an option to embed covers into single or group mp3s?

Ive tried many players but cant find this feature.

Thanks in advance!

Guayadeque does, if you add brainpicard; IIRC.

And simply, VLC have such a ability; although it doesn't work always.

And, I guess some other can do that either.

deadbeef is suprisingly configurable, but it's not very user-friendly. here's a recent modification a forum member made to it

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I find Cantata very good.

If you use KDE, I can recommend Amarok.

Indeed i tried but had some bugs and right, not user friendly

Cand find the option for embeding jpg covers

Cover.jpg in folder with selected mp3's?

Quod Libet and its tag editor Ex Falso can do this


You can find some options in the settings here...

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