MusikWave Desktop (Now in AUR)

As an update I found this one - it is similar to a website that I have built many years ago - basically I think it is a website in a browser wrap. But well, seems like an ok alternative. I would love to make my this way, like a web-app for Linux. It has 0 ads and no trackers and is functional for the past 3 years or more. So if anyone can help me do that would be cool.

Good morning, thanks for the project. you mean like this maybe?



Before you ask .. yes, its electron... but its a webapp :woman_shrugging:
Comes in at 176M

Project is now hosted here:

It could be trimmed. It could be prettier. But basic concept is there.
Oh and PS.. found one odd bug. It apparently doesnt want to close if music is playing.


Oh wow sir that's awesome :smiley: - I love it! Thank you so much! How can we make this as an appimage or make an AUR for it? Would love if we could do that :slight_smile:

176M is big indeed but I am so happy to see it as a standalone app. Well, web-app. But still great!

Yes I can see that....well is better than that has a bug which closed the player but didnt close the music basically. So it closed the window but the player still plays in the background :smiley:

Please give it some testing and then maybe there can be an aur for it at some point.
I might even be able to slim it down, point to dependency packages instead of embedding (libffmpeg for example) .. then wrap it all up. But thats a future thing, I just wanted to see how quickly I could get a working model up.


Ok sounds awesome I am going to test it!

Oh yes I am going to share with people and get back to you here :wink:

  • ah ok haha

Alright, I added basic tray and automatically start maximize, etc.
Might want to grab it again :wink:
Also, if you could provide me with some better icon file(s) that would be great. I kinda just cut out what I needed and threw it in.


Awesome! I now have the updated version :slight_smile: -

For sure, will send one tomorrow :slight_smile:

Things are looking nicer. It feels snappy to me, but you will have to verify.
We also now come in at ~130MB.
You may wish to go to the page and try again, as the instructions are better now too.


Awesome! Ok, so I have the icons for it hopefully it works well with it. I reinstalled it with the new instructions. So far so great. Testing and testing :slight_smile:

Well there you go. Done and done. Looks a lot nicer in the panel too.

..Though now that I look at it I may want to add some extra padding to it. :woman_shrugging:

I havent found any outstanding bugs besides the close thing, so let me know.
(which is kinda worked around with the panel/tray integration .. where quit does work somehow)
But I also have not used any sign on or register features, etc.
I just know it mostly works and plays music :sunglasses:

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Great! I tested and I want to improve the icon because it does not look good on Gnome for example. I will make it simple without any white border. Will send to you. Do you need it in svg and png or just svg?

Also, everything else should work. Login works, register works, pretty much everything. I am wondering if this could be compiled as an appimage or added to AUR. :slight_smile: - I am so happy to see it in this web-app format.

EDIT: this is the svg that I slightly improved

PNG is required because of the way it is parsed. though dont skip the svg as I may integrate it into the pkgbuild and/or desktop file (for menus and such).

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Updated the Dropbox folder with the new icons

Better. Still wont be great til we can use the svg, but better [changes are up] :slight_smile:


Looks nice :slight_smile: - btw I have a question where are the settings stored for it? I noticed that if I remove it then reinstall all my settings are in place and I don't find them in home directory.

Yes I noticed that too. It creates a folder in your .config folder.
[this is electron stuff I cant really change .. though the string is weird so I'll fix that]
But that led me to something else that could use a tweak.
(at this point we should probably split the thread :sweat_smile:)
After my next push anyone who has installed before might want to either manually copy their contents over from the old ./config/musik-wave* folder or just delete it entirely for a fresh start.

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Ah yes I found the config. Thanks. I somehow missed it when I looked for it the first time.

Ok let's do it :slight_smile: - I have more questions about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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