My 1st real Arch-derived experience through Manjaro

No you would rather ignore them than take action, that is why I keep bringing it up keep your house in order please.

Then flag the posts and/or PM me instead of airing it on every thread going.


Come on you reply to most of those threads
Admittedly you don't condemn Arch Linux but you also don't condem the posters neither do you, so you are as much to blame in that respect,
If I went on the Arch forum even as a long term member and slated of Manjaro i would get one friendly warning, If i did it again i would get banned.

I'm not going to silence other people's opinions. That's one of the points of the Manjaro forum - it's up to people here to weigh up what's being said and make their own judgement.

If I started deleting posts and banning people because they disagree with an arbitrary position then people would complain about "free speech" and "censorship".

You can't have it both ways.


Welcome to Manjaro



I didn't wanted neither expected to start a war LOL (just read all the comments)
Tks for your Welcome to Manjaro @hanny !!!


Welcome @jfbourdeau! I'm glad you've joined us, and that you've had a good experience so far. :slight_smile:



Why can't some people just say thank you to new users and offer encouragement. It was so out of place to bring up things that surely shouldn't be brought up. If you like arch so much, Then please use it and be happy, but keep the mine is better than yours attitude out of it.

Who really cares if users think that Manjaro is arch, sooner or later with usage and experience they will realize the difference. I have personally never read that Manjaro is arch. I have read it is based on it, but no where did they say it was!


Arch Users do. It's also actually a fair point to make this clear. So that nobody will go to the Arch forums / AUR, ask for help and start to cry and yell because Arch people do not welcome "downstream" distro users.

That said, Welcome to Manjaro @jfbourdeau :blush:


@jfbourdeau Welcome to the "nut hutch"! You are in for a fun and wild ride. We sometimes argue amongst each other, but in the end, we are family.

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Welcome, @jfbourdeau, your story reminded me of mine. I went from ZX Spectrum to PC, DOS, Windows, then Ubuntu, then Arch. I've been using Manjaro for about four years now. I also moved from KDE to Xfce, and then I discovered tiling WMs, tried i3, now I run bspwm. So even if distro-hopping is over, you can enjoy some DE-hopping right here on Manjaro.


Welcome to Manjaro @jfbourdeau!

I used Manjaro KDE for a while and moved to XFCE as well! But I didn't have any hiccups though. I just liked XFCE better. :slight_smile:

Here are a few reads that might be useful for you.

This will make it easy to get help from the community. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Today I also tried Arch (on desktop machine). And it even working for me, but with freezes ha-ha-ha. It was mostly to get some experience how those DMs, WMs, X11 working.

But definitely Manjaro is better. It's just all the same out of box and with care from Manjaro devs. :blush:

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OK I need to google something again ! LOL

I prefer speed and stability of XFCE to Mangaro KDE but for my work, I have to deal with " A LOT " of windows... and I was used to Debian Elive Worspace / Desktop management tool (see pictures)

I get lost with all my windows with the actual XFCE management of Virtual Desktop...


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Tks @TechnikHiLL I will read it again...


We do NOT, i resent that, you're totally wrong!


The fight is on! :yum:


@Kadee I am not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You are wrong!

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I've told you once.


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