My bspwm config


OS = Manjaro-cli (installed trought manjaro architect and the I builded upon that(dual boot with windows 10 because of school, you can hate but I can't help it))

Compositor = picom-tyrone-git with kawase blur

Bar = polybar (customized with my custom sripts and hooks(only native module is network))

Terminal = Alacritty (I play a bit of terminal games so yea :slight_smile: )

Font = gtk hack, terminal SourceCodePro nerd fonts patch, polybar JetBrainsMonoMedium( yes i know i use a lot of fonts but i like it this way)

Theme = gtk adapta-notko-eta, neovim material.vim, terminal material from alacritty themes site and vscodium material

Icon pack = Papirus icon pack

File manager = lf and also pcmanfm

Music Player = mpd and ncmpcpp

Image viewer = sxiv and feh for setting the backgruound

Screenshot tool = scroot

Shell = dash for bspwm,polybar,sxhkd( because it is fast) and some of my custom scripts, zsh my main with powerlevel10k and bash for /bin/sh(tried dash but doesn't work really well :innocent:, a lot of bashism)

Editor = neovim and sometime vscodium

Reader = zathura for everything possible

Browser = google chrome (just can't live without it :innocent: )

Launchers = rofi and my custom c program for lanching cli programs and also listing some of them that don't have any kind of interface(I easily forget them :crazy_face: )

My scripts are written in c,python,shell,and bash (i know a lot but I like and use c bacause of school)

Will make dot files and upload config on later date(never actually thought that I would ever do this)

One more thing I'm 16 year old but I'm crazy for linux :wink: (Also I'm from croatia :croatia: so sory for bad english)

|-- Edit --|
Dotfiles = CroLinuxGamer
Theme = Repo


Gtk programs


This is nice! Would like to check out some of those dot files. What are you using for a menu? Looks like there's something to click on the left end of the bar there.

On the left end of the menu is a polybar text module that opens rofi in that corner of screen. Scrot doesn't alow me to screenshot of rofi for some reason thought. The terminal opened in the floating mode is my custom c program for oppening cli programs and listing some that are only usable as command without interface. Will put dot files today or tommorow so look forward to it :wink: .


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Custom rofi launcher (polybar module)

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