My Conky preset

Good day, I made (or honestly redid) the Conky preset for myself and decided to share it with the world. I do not consider my creation to be the best and / or ideal in principle, but it is such for me personally. Surely someone can do better. I tried to focus on information and fit as much information as possible on the screen that interests me.
This is my first and “opening” article on this forum, so please forgive me if I made a mistake with the section / formatted incorrectly.
Preset, as well as the description for it, exists in 2 languages.
All information about the preset and the preset itself are available in my GitHub repository.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
Finally I leave screenshots
Thank you for your attention, all the best. P.S: Sorry for bad English.


Well, it looks really good :blush:

The best place to show off your conky setup is here:

Hello, thanks for the advice.

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