My experience with Manjaro 18

Yesterday i wanted to erase all the bad decisions i made the last couple of months since i did a clean install, so i went for Manjaro 18 of course, downloaded from the official page, made a partition for backup of my data, burned the ISO with Mintstick and installed without looking back.

The only thing that did not work on the live session or after installing was my brightness controls, by following the arch wiki i was able to fix it again (i can't get it out of the box in any distro tbh), after doing that i noticed something was a little "off", the popups were all somewhat skinny, i left calamares do it's job until after some time the pc got locked, i forgot to disable the auto lock on xfce's battery manager, typed manjaro, and the install still went on, rebooted instantly.

When Manjaro booted up i noticed that it didn't had a bootsplash, so i was left with a black screen during bootup, now this is where the problems started happening, in lightdm's panel the language selector didn't show anything on it's popup, and in the panel it said language and some weird characters, i typed my pass and it seemed that everything was ok, until i open thunar to start re-installing my gimp config, and i saw that everything was in english which kinda explained why every popup looked skinny.

I was sure that i selected Spanish Venezuela on calamares, and i was right because my keyboard layout was Spanish Latin america and in the calamares resume that shows before initiating the install it said Spanish Venezuela.

I thought it would be fixed with an update but it wasn't, so i opened MSM and i saw that in the language packages nothing was installed (as usual) and in the region everything was set to Spanish Venezuela, I was able to fix everything by adding "" to every value on /etc/locale.conf and executing # locale-gen, rebooted and everything was on spanish, I forgot about the folders so i ran xdg-user-dirs-update.

Now everything was back to normal and now i was able to enjoy manjaro :slight_smile: .

Oh and that pamac integration in manjaro hello is just a blessing. And it makes me think that MSM needs a redesign, or at least change the icons it uses :thinking: .

I was thinking about showing manjaro to my classmates tomorrow but i'm not sure about it since i install it and it ends up being in english. I'll try with another pc and see if the problem is reproducible.


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