My feedback on manjaro after trying it

What I want:
Free Windows alternative.
Must be easy to use.
Easily accessible functions and settings.
Shouldn't waste too much of my time.
Should be able to do all the tasks that I could do in windows.

My background:
I've been a windows user all my life.
Can't really afford windows yet.
But I don't like pirating anymore for personal reasons.
So I jumped to Ubuntu.
I Learned a lot about Linux.
Found out that Linux is faster than windows.
One day I saw Mint. Looked cool to me.
So, I jumped to Mint.
I kinda became expert on Linux Mint.
I was having some issues in Mint.
So, I wondered if other Linux distro is better.
Tried to install MX linux on my external hard drive. It failed to install so I deleted MX without a second thought, because Mint used to install smoothly every time.
I installed Manjaro 20 Xfce after seeing a lot of praise on the internet.

What I liked :slight_smile:

  • Manjaro installed and started smoothly.
  • I liked Manjaro xfce desktop.
  • Everything functions fine right from the start.

What I didn't like :frowning:

  • Default Manjaro file manager wasn't as good as default manager in Mint or Windows 10(latest)
  • I use Socks 4 proxy,
    Mint Cinnamon and Windows has easy socks proxy enabling option in the network settings.
    Which I couldn't find in Manjaro. And no, I don't want to waste my time in manjaro terminal for changing socks proxy after using so easy option in Mint and Windows.
  • Manjaro Desktop panel customization options are more complex than Mint. Maybe it's more customizable but Felt like a mess to me. It Felt like a turn based strategy game type UI.
  • I used Teamviewer in Windows. And I was surprised that it also worked fine on Mint just by two click install. But getting Teamviewer and making it work isn't that easy on Manjaro.

I am leaving this feedback so that someone sees it. Maybe someday someone will fix these minor issues. Maybe someday I'll try a new version of Manjaro and be satisfied with it.

Next I'll try Pop OS (hearing a lot of praise about it too).
If I don't like Pop then I'll stick with Mint.

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Try Arch


isn't Arch more complicated than Manjaro?
I like simplicity and time saving.
Modern operating systems should save more time

I abhore windows file manager.
But its also something easily changed.
And if you had chosen the Desktop Environment that was the same as Mint (Mate or Cinnamon) then you would have had the same file manager.

Same as FM above...except for whatever DE implementation of networkmanager

Again this is probably down to your DE choice.

Yes it is.. dont know what you tried... but its either one command or ~2 clicks.

So all in all it looks like you have a preferred Desktop already. Thats fine .. but dont make the mistake of comparing DE's and thinking its Distros.


Sorry Manjaro wasn’t to your liking. Why did you leave Mint? From what I’ve read here it seems like it was doing everything you asked for. Here’s a rule of thumb with Linux, when you find something that works, stick with it. In my case it’s Manjaro, in your case it’s Mint. If I were you I’d go back to Mint, POP isn’t much different from it TBH. And you really shouldn’t be distro hopping if you’re a newbie.

Edit: After reading @cscs‘s post, it looks like you were just in need of some reading and choosing the right DE. We have a Cinnamon edition available, I’ve used it, it’s quite good.

Not being nasty in any way
Please go back to Windows if that is what you want, Linux is not for you.

Linux is not a free Windows alternative, Its security based, , Its made for users that care for freedom and security, Something windows will never be


Even if I tried Manjaro after 5 years of using Mint wouldn't I still be a newbie for Manjaro?
Looking at the fact that it's based on Arch.

Technically yes, but there are certain aspects and philosophies that are common to all distros. So, getting comfortable with one distro helps you learn another with less hiccups.

For example, package management is confusing until you understand it, then it becomes easy to pick it up wherever you go.

Isn't Linux free?

Not really. Linux is Linux, for the most part. The majority of differences between the distros are rather minor. The only significant differences are in how the system updates and how the software repositories are organised, i.e. package management.

Everything that works on Mint, you can get running on Manjaro, and vice versa (though some things are easier than others, depending on the distro). The big difference between Mint and Manjaro is that Mint is fixed release, while Manjaro is a rolling distro.

Once you get comfortable with Linux, especially with the terminal ("command line"), you'll be comfortable with pretty much any distro, even the more obscure, "complicated" ones, like Gentoo or Void.


"Free windows alternative" isn't Linux.

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One day Linux was just a terminal.
Now it's not and definitely easier than just using terminal.
Asking for Linux to be easier isn't a fault.
It will become easier.

What's a free alternative then?
isn't linux free?

There isnt really a 'free alternative to windoze' because its a proprietary system with closed sources .. there have been and is at least one project attempting to hack up compatibility .. but its a project that will never meet its goals.
(edit - ah here it is .. ReactOS
Linux is its own operating system. It is free. It just isnt windoze.


What are you asking for? Linux has endless possibilities it is your choice what to use. If you want have Manjaro to behave same as Mint use Mint, where is the problem?

Yeah, I understand you. I was a DOS/Windows user for 20 years before switching to Linux. All your experience and knowledge with Windows is worthless on Linux: when you switch to Linux, you're a complete noob, and that's frustrating. Tasks that once seemed simple on Windows are now very difficult on Linux, because you don't know how to do them.

That is how it's going to be until you get comfortable with using Linux. It's very different from Windows.

The good news is that Linux is actually much simpler to use than Windows, especially if you are technically oriented and are not afraid of experimenting and reading the documentation. Pretty much any task I was doing on Windows, I do now on Linux, and I find my life to be much easier.

But it did take time, effort, and frustration to get used to it.

There is no free alternative to Windows. Forget about that, such a thing is impossible. Just like there is no consumer-focused proprietary alternative to Linux.

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If it can do the job that it's an alternative for me.
Linux has been able to do nearly all my windows tasks except being able to run some games.

So, in summary, OP tried Manjaro, didn’t like it. OP tried Mint, liked Mint, Mint worked.

Then some discussion on Windows VS Linux happened.

So, if we use logic, OP should go back to Mint.

Why are we having this argument?


"Use Mint"
I will.
But I'm always curious for better options.
That's why I came to linux.
Curiosity and need.

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Free from paternalism, free from snooping - YES!

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