My Intel Wireless AC 9260 gets detected, but does not scan any wifi networks

So is your adapter initialized and working properly now?

Please clarify.

If it is now working, I guess you can mark your thread as solved.

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I would have to see tomorrow because if I turn it on and off again in a short-ish duration, it still works. Thank you so much for helping though!

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If it does not work after a long shutdown then you can run those commands as a script or a service at start up.

You are welcome. :smile:

How would I be able to run these scripts at start up? (sorry I'm new to this)

I will walk you through it if you need it.

Okay, thanks.


I just did a cold boot and unfortunately, the commands did not seem to work. It keeps stating cannot find device wlp3s0 when I run sudo ip link set wlp3s0 down and sudo ip link set wlp3s0 up.

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