My manjaro install is freaking out

Hello everyone

I am sorry if this breaks any rules, It is already very difficult for me to do anything on this computer (like posting this)because my install is completely broken.
Every UI element is flickering like crazy and going back and forth between the last few states it was in. Tried going from kernel 4.19 to the 4.14 LTS, didn't solve anything. Am now trying to downgrade to stable but I do not know if this will fix anything.

Does anyone know what the hell is happening ? I've never seen this before.

Which videocard do you have and which driver are you using?

..Well, we dont know.
You need to provide some more information such as
inxi -Fxxxz
are you updated?
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
Anything funny looking in pacmans logs?
what does mhwd show?
mhwd -li

AMD RX 480 8GB and ill upload a picture ofthe hardware config screen because im a noob ... Screenshot%20from%202018-10-26%2023-46-25


Am updating now, will report back with results.
Apologies for the lack of information, I'm very new to this whole thing.

output of other command, because can't put two images on a single post:


Please, don't throw the noob excuse for not reading any guide or tutorial!
You can post terminal output in text. Instructions are in this tutorial:


My excuse wasn't the "noob" one, if you read my first post I clearly said my machine was unusable and even taking a screenshot was nearly impossible because of constant flickering.

I now have access to another device (my phone) and will do my best to comply with the rules and guidelines, but nowhere did I excuse myself from those because of my lack of experience.

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Please create a video of your issue. Also you can try to boot from a v18.0 ISO to see if that version of Manjaro works. Most likely we will have a stable release of Manjaro v18.0 on Sunday.

Boot using a live installer and post using that.

It also means you can check whether it's a change you've made since installation.

Sorry for the shouting.. :sob:
I owe you a treat. I hope you're nicer than me and can forgive me..

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