My panels disappeared after update


Just got a big update this morning.

Then I discover my panels have disappeared.

How to recover them?

Thank you.


I use xfce and manjaro32
After automatic update I lost my panels.
What else?
I cannot open anymore console, the window opened and closed immediately

Moving to #newbies

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Maybe specify if you reboot your system after update or not. Also, is not quite a proper addressed question when you got already the link to how to provide good information ...

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You can switch to TTY by Ctrl+Alt+F3, log in and install pastebinit then direct all the commands you want to share to it.

sudo pacman -S pastebinit
inxi -Fxxxz0 | pastebinit
tail -n 500 /var/log/pacman.log | pastebinit

Then post the links here.

But I'm afraid you will have to create a new fresh user.
However I don't know what kind of groups your user should belong to.
Will check or invite others to suggest.

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inxi -Fxxxz0 | pastebinit

tail -n 500 /var/log/pacman.log | pastebinit

Panels came back after a logout/login, despite icons are new or missing
But the console issue is still there

Maybe also make sure that everything under your home directory is owned by your user. Run the following command: find $HOME ! -user $USER -type f in a terminal. It shouldn't produce any output.

No output.
I finally succeed to install a terminal, only one .. termite
Another issue, another post to come .

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